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Federal program "Electronic Russia 2002 2010"

Electronic Libraries and Digitizing Projects


General remarks :

Libraries prefer to construct web site ( ca. 20% of libraries' sites provides access to OPAC) than to complete generation of Electronic Catalog.

Recon is not preferred option (Russian State Library and Russian National library excluding).

Union Catalog is not a shared resources tool; it is rather an option to show the flag.

Russian State Library project "Elibron" (Electronic Library Online) with Adamant Media, Boston, USA. The goal is to digitize 1 200 000 books in 200 languages.

To avoid Copyright issues there are selected and processed publications before 1922.

Tools : 35 planetary scanners; 150 editors' workstations,

there are processed ca. 1000 books monthly,

planned productivity 20 000 books per year

compared with

ca. 35 000 Gross total of Russian publishing and

ca. 20 000 Russian State library new acquisitions

State Historical Museum with Cognitive Technologies Co. project , $100 000

4.5 mln artifacts, 12 mln documents

JPEG format (12 levels of detalization) and description, DBMS Nika,

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology


Full text journals and Proceedings of Conferences and seminars

Digitizing of author dissertation theses; to date 4000 brochures (20-24 pages each) are scanned, TIFF captured and CD-R recorded (400 brochures per disk); search provided by authors and key words from titles; originals to be shred.

Electronic Hermitage project with IBM Co., (this project was awarded National Intel prize); participate : Russia, USA, Israel, Italy.

Two sites were opened : hermitagemuseum.org and hermitage.ru

CD-R records, TIFF, IBM DB-2, 50 fields

Of 3 mln artifacts 3 000 are included into DB

Classes, 1200 children, information kiosks (museum plans, recommended routes, orientation of visitors).

Besides 1 000 000 physical visitors per year there appeared 1 000 000 electronic clients.


Rubricon (since April 2001) electronic encyclopedia created by Russ Portal Company Ltd. (2000) in cooperation with Twincom Business, Lukoil Inform,

Bolshaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopediya Publishing house, Institute of USA and Canada


Free access to full text versions of major Russian (printed) encyclopedias and dictionaries which have been published during 100 years. There are

"Large Soviet Encyclopedia" (BSE), third edition 1969 1979, 30 volumes

"Illustrated Encylopedial dictionary" (1998)

"Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedial Dictionary" (1890 1906)

"Commented Dictionary of Live Russian Language" by Vladimir Dal (1863 1866)

"Rock Encyclopedia" by Sergey Kostalski (1998)

"History of Fatherland" dictionary

"World History" dictionary

"Concise Medical encyclopedia", 6 volumes


"Great Masters"

"Biblical Dictionary"

Russian English Russian dictionaries

Under construction and negotiation: "Moscow", "Petersburg", "World People and Religions", "Myths of world", etc., altogether more 40 printed publications should be licensed and converted.

The Rubricon provides free access to screened, referred, value added information :

26 encyclopedias and vocabularies, 397 000 entries plus 59 000 maps and illustrations

(e.g Britannica 74 000 entries plus 12 000 maps and illustrations plus 38 000 entries from Compton encyclopedia)

This site get "Business in Internet" 2001 award.

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