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Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is my great pleasure to greet you here on behalf of the International Library, Information an Analytical Center, the main organizer of today’s event. The International Workshop “Electronic Resources and International Information Exchange: East-West” takes place for the sixth time. This year topic “America and Russia on the Way to Global Information Society” corresponds the realities of political, technological and cultural development in our countries. Traditionally, the group of library and information professionals from Russia comes to the U. S. to attend the Workshop. In recent years politicians, scholars and writers join our group as well. It is my real pleasure to greet the representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the U. S., known Russian politicians Mr. Vladimir Podoprigora and Mr. Mikhail Kislyuk, representatives of the Library of Congress, ILIAC Vice-President, our long-time Chair and friend Lester Pourciau and everyone, who joined us today. Especially I would like to thank Professor Dan Davidson and affiliates of the American Councils for International Education for their help in the event organization every year. I guess one of mostly successful points of the Workshop is the fact that Russian and American speakers present their papers and the topics of papers are extremely actual, deal with various issues and are of interest to a big professional community outside this room.

I would like to wish all of you a successful work. Traditionally, me and Lester are going to chair the session, if you do not have objections. It is also my pleasure to invite you to attend Session 2 of our Workshop, which takes place on Thursday, March 18 in New York on the premises of New York Public Library. It will deal with the role of public libraries in cultural heritage preservation in digital environment.

And now before we start our work in accordance with the distributed program I would suggest you introduce yourselves. Let me start from myself.

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