Creation of the Oriental Thinkers Heritage Digital Version

Dr. Anvar Kabulov, Professor and Chief of Computer-Study Center, Banking and Financial Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

The purpose of the present report is the consecration of questions of creation of the electronic version "Heritage east thinkers" (HET) on the basis of assembly of east manuscripts of Eastern Institute by Abu-Rayhan Beruny of an Academy of sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan.

As is known, assembly of east manuscripts of the institute is one of the richest and well-known storehouses of a written heritage of the peoples of east in the world. By 2001, the library fund of institute contains more than 61 thousand manuscripts, 30 thousand literary issuing and over 10 thousand original documents on Arabian, Persian, Uzbek and others turkic languages.

At the first stage of creation of the electronic version HET it is necessary to select the most valuable manuscripts of east thinkers with the purpose of creation of their electronic images. With this purpose the scanning, recognition and cosmetic processing of the texts is necessary. The modern methods and programs of recognition of the texts and images are applied for this purpose. The executing of these operations at the first stage will allow the developers to construct the electronic versions of the valuable manuscripts, and also to create in scale of real time the duplicates of the manuscripts in modern registration for needs of museums and public libraries and for organization of exhibitions with the purpose of public representation. The digest of the letters-applications of Alisher Navoy is one of representation of electronic version of HET

The second stage of creation HET consists of engineering the electronic catalogues in fields of sciences: philological sciences of philosophy, medicine, history, exact and natural sciences, manuscripts with east miniature. Application of the known programs of cataloguing of the manuscripts and creation of data base catalogues in fields of sciences is offered here. The creation of the electronic catalogues of these sources - guidebooks to this treasury of ideas in conditions of independence of Uzbekistan becomes one of priority directions in spiritual sphere of the society. On the basis of the electronic catalogues is appeared a possibility to transfer the valuable information through the Internet.

And, at last, third stage is devoted to safety and protection of the information HET. For the decision of this task creation of electronic copies of the manuscripts first of all is necessary. Secondly, the creation special local computer systems and global network with allocated server of safety for protection of the information is necessary in view of organization of the passwords authorized access to the information and coding of the information. The decision of last question is urgent not only for protection of the electronic versions HET, but also for protection of the information on other directions: museum business, other sciences of art, culture and etc.

Thus, the offered report is devoted to modern problems of creation, storage, transfer of the electronic versions of the heritage of east thinkers.

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