ILIAC Moscow Representative Office: Products and Services for Domestic and Foreign Users

Valery Garmashov, Director, ILIAC Moscow Representative Office, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Representative Office is a department of the International Library Information and Analytical Center. The main objective of the Office is to support an international information exchange between Russia and USA and other countries over the world. We present Russian information products in science culture, arts, legislation, business and others and process orders, incoming from various countries. Moscow Representative Office also plays a role of the coordinating Center in information exchange with the CIS countries. Our activities are based on selection and presentation of Russian information resources in USA and other western countries. I'd like to emphasize, that information we offer is absolutely legal and reliable, because we cooperate only with official producers and holders of information products. Among our partners are Russian State Institutions, the largest libraries, publishing houses, research institutes and universities, leading information agencies and other Russian information holders.

As a matter of fact, there are only two tasks in information exchange: presentation of information products at information market and fulfillment of orders coming from our users. Moscow Representative Office in cooperation with other ILIAC departments takes part in solving the first task, and is completely responsible for the second one. Firstly we try to offer the most important information from Russia, which American and other foreign politicians, businessmen, scientists, cultural and art professionals, and others would be interested.

Let me describe our information products and services briefly.

Firstly I'd like to mention two news channels at our site the channel "News from Russia", containing daily "hot" political and economic information, supported by famous Russian Information Agency "Areanda"; and the channel "ILIAC News" presenting information on the most important events from ILIAC's life.

We present an unique full-text electronic collection of documents on former and new Russian State Standards (GOST). The Collection consists of 28 CD-ROMs with over 22,000 full-text standards and bibliographic data. Reliability and actuality of information is guaranteed by our partner All-Russian Institute for Classification, Terminology and Information on Standartization and Quality the department of the Russian State Standards Committee, the single authorized organization for Russian standards maintenance. Upon request, user can order copies of any Standard, as well as subject collections of standards on any branches of industry or whole collection of Standards. The user can also order any analytical compilation of Standards on interested area.

American users show their great interest in the Russian patents and applications for inventions. We offer the services on search and delivery of electronic and printed copies of patent documentation from the State Patent Collection, which contains over 150 million items, including patents, applications for inventions, trade marks, utility models and other documents. Usually, searching and delivery of patent documents takes about 2 or 3 business days. Upon request we can translate any document.

I'd like to attract your attention on the following remarkable product Catalog of the Russian Databases. The Catalog contains the most recent and comprehensive information on official registered databases covering all branches of science, technology, and industry. The Catalog presents data of over 3,000 databases and over 600 their owners. Information is updated and delivered by Sci-Tech Center "Informregistr".

In cooperation with the leading Russian book trade Company "Biblio-Globus" we offer over 32,000 books in Russian, issued by the largest Russian publishing houses. The Catalog of books is available at the ILIAC WWW server via Internet

. Customer can search and order any book from online catalog; if the customer fails to find the book in the Catalog or if he/she needs literature published prior to 1997, the customer can contact Moscow Office Reference Service. Not long ago we set a new link to the site of our new partner "Russian Book Shop" Company. The Company presents data on the rare books, including really unique publications. You can also order and acquire those books from Moscow Office.

In addition to book delivery, Moscow Office offers the services on online subscription to Russian periodicals. There is electronic catalog of periodicals at our server; it contains over 3200 titles of journals and newspapers, which will be published in 2001. Now subscription to any Russian publication can be realized from any region of the world during some minutes. Direct delivery to customers is arranged by ILIAC partner "Inform-Systema" Company, the leading subscription agency in Russia. The Company also offers the services on delivery of large number of books, published in Russian Federation. The list of the books you can find on our server.

We consider particularly important the presentation of information resources in the field of science and culture. One of them is Russian Union Catalog of Sci-Tech Literature, which is very popular among Russian users. The Catalog includes over 520 thousand records of national and foreign periodicals acquired by Russian libraries. Another interesting information product is the Collection of Doctoral Theses Abstracts, contained over 55,000 records since 1993; as well as the database "Science in Russia" containing information on domestic books, preprints, brochures, and other Sci-Tech publications acquired by Russian libraries since 1993. Database of medical literature, developed by the State Central Scientific Medical Library, will be interesting to medical experts. This Database contains over 500,000 records, covering books, reports, doctoral theses abstracts, conference proceedings and covers all branches of medicine and related sciences: biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and psychology.

Russia has been known for its excellent software engineers and programmers. We present with pleasure new issue, named "Russian software 2000", and involved more then 400 new original programs and utilities and the list of developers with there contact information.

All above mentioned information resources are available on CD-ROMs and via Internet.

I'd like also to pay your attention on bibliographic database "Russian Culture and Arts" powered by Russian State Library. The Database contains over 150,000 records and covers books, brochures, deposited manuscripts, unpublished documents since 1989.

Also we present a great collection of books, albums, reference books, maps, multimedia CD-ROMs, including publications on legislation; economics; history; education; life and creation of outstanding composers, artists, writers, and many others, oriented towards a various categories of customers. Subject scope of information products suggested by the Office is very wide. A special place in the collection occupied by information products with the common name "Arms for Peace". Among them you can find books and CD-ROMs on the first Soviet atomic bomb and nuclear research, famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, and modern weapons. At the same time we offer CD-ROM "With a Beer on a Life", which presents "popular" drink beer, including history of brewing, types and sorts of beer produced by Russian and foreign companies.

Unfortunately, in this brief presentation I could described only a small part of the information products we offer to our customers. I tried to mention, as it seems to me, more important and interesting products, but a lot of not less interesting ones were not mentioned. You can find them in our brochures and at our website

Now let me introduce the list of our services.

Moscow ILIAC Representative Office offers the following services for his users:

  1. Supply an information products on request;
  2. Document delivery service in hard or electronic copies;
  3. Searching information resources on desired theme; For example "Monitoring of Russian Mass Media"
  4. Fulfillment analytical and marketing surveys;
  5. Assistance to American and other foreign users in access to Russian and CIS information resources and facilitating a reverse information flow from western countries to Russia. For example ILIAC is an official distributor of the OCLC products and services in Russia and CIS.
  6. Services in translation into Russian or English;
  7. Delivery of printed issues including books, magazines, conference proceedings and information products on CD-ROMs over the world;
  8. Subscription to Russian periodicals;
  9. Assistance to Russian customers in fundraising;
  10. Consulting on US high education system to Russian students;
  11. Professional courses for foreign librarians "Library Management in Russia";
  12. International school on librarianship, information technologies, and cultural studies on basis of ILIAC and Moscow State University for Culture and Arts;
  13. Assistance in establishing business contacts with Russian companies;
  14. Organization Conferences, educational and training courses

In conclusion I'd like to underline one not less important feature. When American and other foreign customers decide to order something from Russia they must pay to Russia, but as far as I know, some people afraid to do that. In our case You can pay for Russian information products and services directly to ILIAC US Office, but not to Russia. It's more simple and comfortable for many users, I think.

I would also like to inform you on one ILIAC humanitarian effort last year. With assistance of Russian Embassy in USA and active participation of our partner "Interlock System Group" we delivered 2880 printed volumes of American sci-tech journals to Russia and distributed them among Russian academic and research libraries for free as a gift. This is my pleasure to express on behalf of Russian libraries high appreciation to everyone in America, who was involved in this project in any way.

Thanks for your attention

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