Formation of electronic base of historical and cultural researches by using new information technologies

Babadjanov Alimdjan

One of the richest and known storehouses of a written heritage and culture of the peoples of East in the world is assembly of unique sources of Eastern Institute by Abu Rayhan Beruny of an Academy of sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan. By this time library fund of the institute contains more than 61 thousand manuscripts, 30 thousand litografical sources and over 10 thousand original documents on Arabian, Persian, Uzbek and others Turkic languages.

Large number of unique documentary sources of a history of culture of the peoples of Central Asia (manuscript, memoirs, slip, diaries, biography of the famous people) are concentrated here. These sources are the guidebook to a treasury of ideas.

The purpose of the present report is the consecration of questions application of information technologies for organization of an electronic storage and distribution of the texts of the ancient manuscripts. In this work the problems of recognition of east manuscripts on Arabian and Turkic languages are researched.

The algebraic methods of recognition of images and estimations computation, and also logic methods of the analysis for processing and recognition of large volume of the unique information are offered.

The hand-written text of the original is entered in the computer through the scanner and is processed by the graphic editor. The created copies of the manuscripts in modern standard registration will be exposed in museums and exhibitions for a wide public review. First our works on creation of electronic base of the original were prepared in 1991 year in Tashkent. On the basis of sources from Eastern Institute and computer technologies the digest of the letters-applications was issued and is exposed in the museum of Alisher Navoy.

The electronic versions of the manuscripts can be sited on web-sites and be distributed through the INTERNET to the large circle of the interested persons. It will result to formation a new electronic base of scientific researches and to introducing in a scientific and public usage unknown before, forgotten and unique sources, materials and documents on a history of culture of the peoples and civilizations of Central Asia (manuscripts, diaries, etc.).

Thus, the offered report is devoted to modern problems of creation, storage, transfers of the electronic versions of the information under the program " Art and culture " (section " the Culture of Central Asia in written sources and materials ") and will promote Uzbekistan in world cultural information space.

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