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American Journals for Libraries of Russia and CIS
Charitable Acion of the International Library Information and Analytical Center (ILIAC) “American Scholarly Journals for Libraries in Russia and other CIS Countries”.

In March 1999 Yury Ushakov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the USA, and Alexey Ostrovsky, employee of the Department of Culture of the Russian Embassy in the USA, were present at the official opening of ILIAC in Washington, DC, USA. In the talk with Yakov Shrayberg, ILIAC President, Alexey Ostrovsky said that for many years the Embassy had been receiving scholarly journals from American publishers, and that these journals were not used in any way. He proposed to donate the journals to Russian libraries through Yakov Shrayberg’s Center, taking into consideration its expertise and the scale of its work with other libraries.
In the summer 1999 the Embassy of the Russian Federaion in the USA transferred to ILIAC Washington office 2.5 tons (!) of American scholarly journals – 41 title, from 1 to 80 copies each.
ILIAC employees did a lot of work in a short period of time: they sorted out the received journals, made a list of them, and in March 2000 sent the whole bulk of journals to the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in Moscow. This is how the American scholarly journals came to the stocks of the libraries of Russia and other CIS Countries, and not in the wastepaper basket, all due to the efforts of the Russian Embassy employees.
Presentation of the new action “American Scholarly Journals for Libraries in Russia and other CIS Countries” (the so-called Journal Project), organized by ILIAC, took place at the Annual Conference of ILIAC Users and Partners in June 2000. The conference is held annually within the framework of the International “Crimea” Conference.
After this event, Library journal (№ 9, 2000) published the list of American scholarly journals represented at the presentation. And almost immediately requests for the journals started to arrive to ILIAC Moscow office. Most of the requests came from Russian technical universities interested in journals on such branches of science, as chemistry, physics, astronomy, optics. Regional libraries also became active participants of the charitable acion. In most cases they were interested in journals on library science and physics. Medical centers received journals on chemistry and medicine. Along with the organizations mentioned above, there were other participants in the project: libraries of research institutes, scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences, regional centers of scientific and technical information, specialized libraries, and libraries of enterprises.
In general, there were over 100 participants in the project: various organizations from Russia and other CIS countries. 80 of them (libraries, universities, medical centers, etc.) received more than eighty hundred copies of the ordered journals from our Center. 13 libraries of different specializations in the Ukraine and the Crimea received packs of Byte journal and Astronomical Journal as a present at the International Conference “Crimea-2001”.
Unfortunately, we could not meet all the requests to the full, as we had different numbers of copies of different journals, and sometimes demand exceeded supply. Almost 30% of participants refused to receive the journals as they were unable to pay for the postal delivery or to fetch the journals themselves from Moscow.
The number of requests , as well as letters of thanks from the project participants show the importance and the use of the project, as the libraries that do not have enough money for library acquisition, got the opporuniy to receive for free well-known American scholarly journals necessary for full-fledged services to scientists and specialists in the various fields of science.

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